Classic style starts with a simulated diamond bracelet. Think of these pieces as the pinnacles of timeless luxury; they add elegance to your collection without ever feeling off-trend, and they capture the sort of subtle sophistication that's been the cornerstone of fashionable women for centuries.

That sophistication all comes down to the quality of the work. Russian Brilliants creates the best diamond simulants by maintaining impeccable standards throughout the entire process, and our attention to detail results in long-lasting pieces that won't lose their dazzle over time. Not only do we always start with solid gold and the finest cubic zirconia with D-E color and VVS clarity, but we also hand-cut each stone to ideal diamond proportions using the Gemological Institute of America's gem-proportion scope. Plus, our stones will never fade or discolor internally, and every facet edge is crisp and abrasion-free and our girdles are always polished, never frosted. In everything we do, expert craftsmanship a critical part of our process.

Of course, our assortment is stunning enough on its own. From contemporary options with bold stones to bezel-style bracelets with Art Deco flair, the collections at Russian Brilliants incorporate a variety of sizes and shapes designed to suit your personal style. We'll also alter the length of your favorite bracelet to make sure that you always get the perfect fit. It's the next best thing to a completely custom-made piece.

Browse our selection to find the bracelet that breathes new life into your jewelry drawer. We're confident that you'll be just as dazzled by our simulated diamonds as we are.

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