Like A Kid On Christmas Morning

Good Afternoon Matt,

While in the middle of a Zoom meeting my husband came into my office to tell me my new ring had arrived. I quickly removed my ear buds and flew downstairs. I couldn't get the package opened fast enough! Having waited almost 3 months for this ring (due to the Covid-19 lock-down) I was like a kid on Christmas morning! When I opened the lovely little red box I couldn't have been more thrilled. There, underneath the tissue paper, nestled in white satin and velvet, sat the matching band to the custom ring you made for me 2 years ago. It is absolutely gorgeous! A simple but elegant perfectly matching band to my large solitaire diamond ring.

I am just overjoyed with it! However, with no where to go at the present time due to the lock-down, I will have to be patient until I get the opportunity to show off this dazzling duo! It is a stunning set of rings.

Thank you Matt for your kindness in keeping it locked away in your safe for the last 3 months! I'm so happy with everything you have done to make this band an exact match to the band on my Russian Brilliants solitaire. I now own a one of a kind unique set of rings! I will be happy to pass your name along to my friends when they ask (and they will!) "Where did you get those rings!?" Thank you for everything Matt!!

Take care,
C.M. — Ontario, Canada