Our Stones

What Are Russian Brilliants?

Russian Brilliants® is a laboratory-grown stone, classified as a diamond simulant. While simulated diamonds can look like the finest quality mined diamonds, they don’t share the same chemical and physical properties or sizable price tag of the natural gemstone. With the exception of moissanite, most simulated diamonds on the market today are based on the synthetic gemstone material zirconium dioxide, commonly known as cubic zirconia.

What Sets Russian Brilliants Apart?

There are three major differences which we believe sets Russian Brilliants apart from our competitors:

Quality. Plain and simple

We use only the finest quality rough material available. Every stone is DE color, VVS clarity and guaranteed never to fade or discolor internally. We are so confident in the quality of our hand-cut simulated diamonds, we will send you one risk-free, so you can compare them side-by-side to mined diamonds, moissanite, or other diamond substitutes! Our settings are crafted using the highest quality precious metals because, well, our Russian Brilliants stones deserve the best!

The Cut

Every Russian Brilliants stone is hand cut to ideal diamond proportions. We use the same cutting equipment that is used to cut natural sapphire, as the hardness is similar. We utilize the GIA's (www.gia.edu) gem proportion scope to ensure every stone is cut for maximum brilliance. Less expensive stones are often poorly cut from substandard rough material and have multiple chips along facet edges as well as frosted girdles. We will never sell a stone unless the cutting meets our stringent requirements and passes our quality control standards.

No gimmicks. No fancy coatings

Some manufacturers use fancy marketing language and add special coatings to their cubic zirconia stones, claiming increased hardness and/or durability. Our research shows that these coatings do not add any significant practical resistance to wear, and they can even prevent light from shining into the stone, dulling its natural fire and sparkle. The fact is: All stones can chip, even Mined Diamonds. If you bump a coated stone against a hard surface it has no more practical or significant hardness or protection against scratching or breakage than an untreated stone. While coatings may result in a scientifically measureable increase in the MOHS hardness of the stone, our research indicates there is no practical increase in hardness achieved.

Risk Free Preview

We are the only online company offering a no risk, 7-day preview. We will be happy to send you one of our stones so you can see the quality for yourself and compare it to any of our online competitors. We even encourage you to compare our quality to a natural diamond. We believe you will agree, Russian Brilliants are the best simulated diamonds available today. It’s as simple as filling out our form.

Ethical Sourcing

Russian Brilliants uses only ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds. We comply with the US Patriot Act as well as the Kimberley Process, an organization that tracks diamonds from mine to market to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds. Our simulated diamond rough material is made in the U.S. using hydroelectric power.

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