RB Pendants

Russian Brilliants Pendants - The Perfect Complement to Your Style

Sparkle has a place in every woman’s jewelry assortment, but it doesn’t have to come from diamond rings alone. Give your look the perfect finishing touch with the pendant collection from Russian Brilliants.

Designed to showcase our world-class simulants, these sophisticated pieces combine subtle splendor with eye catching style. So much of that sophistication comes from the quality of our work. Our craftsmen cut each stone from the finest raw materials, using precision tools and industry guidelines to create a simulated diamond that dazzles just like the real thing. The result, of course, is a series of pendants worthy of style icons the world over. If you want to make an entrance, these shimmer-studded baubles are the way to do it.

What’s more, we create each of our pieces with the customer in mind, so our collection runs the gamut from simple elegance to ornate vibrance. Show your refined sense of style with a delicate solitaire. Go for the bold with a contemporary bezel. Channel your inner romantic with a sweetheart pendant, or find a little grace with a cross set. You can even pair an extremely subtle piece with a slightly bolder moment to hit an on-trend style note. At Russian Brilliants, it’s all about expressing yourself.

Browse our collection of simulated diamond pendants below to discover a few of your new favorite things. From timeless treasures to of-the-moment trends, we have everything you need to light up a room.

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