Simulated Man Made Diamond Rings

Simulated diamond rings are among the most statement-making pieces of jewelry in any collection. Not only can they signify major milestones - engagements, marriages and even anniversaries - but they also bring the perfect dose of dazzle to your wear everywhere staples.


Still, not every simulated man made diamond hits the same elegant notes. Russian Brilliants creates the creme de la creme by maintaining strict standards throughout the entire production process. We begin every ring by selecting the finest quality rough material with D-E color and VVS clarity and then hand-cut every stone according to the Gemological Institute of America's standards of excellence. We maintain ideal diamond proportions and use sapphire-cutting tools to work with the simulant's inherent hardness.

How do these methods result in the most gorgeous engagement rings and anniversary bands? The answer is twofold. First, because our stones never discolor or fade internally, your lab created diamond rings will retain its brilliance through every happily-ever-after. Second, our stringent quality and cutting standards make it possible to create simulants free of facet chips or frosted girdles which impede brilliance. What's more, we create each ring in solid gold or platinum to maximize the long-lasting quality of our exquisitely hand crafted fine jewelry. It's the definition of luxurious.

Of course, the variety of our collections is just as dazzling as the stones themselves. From delicate engagement rings to multi-stone stunners, our pieces speak to every style and budget. You can even work with one of our consultants to design the one-of-a-kind ring you've been dreaming about for years. If you can imagine it, Russian Brilliants can bring it to life.

Want to get a closer look at Russian Brilliants before you click confirm? That's exactly what our seven-day preview policy is designed to do. Simply give us your information and we'll send you one of our stones so that you can get an in-person peek at our quality. You'll never be pressured to make a purchase - it's a completely risk-free process - but we're confident that you'll love our fine simulated diamonds just as much as we do.

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