3-Stone Rings

Known for their exquisite brilliance, our three-stone simulated diamond rings are the perfect way to commemorate your past, present and future. That's why they're so ideal for both engagements and anniversaries. Not only do the simulants themselves celebrate each phase of your happily ever after, but they also sparkle with a brightness that's designed to delight for decades to come.

What's more, our simulated diamonds are cut with impeccable precision to maximize brilliance. At Russian Brilliants we believe that gorgeous jewelry starts with exceptional materials so we select only the finest quality cubic zirconia of D-E color and VVS clarity that is guaranteed to never discolor or fade internally. We then hand sculpt every stone according to the Gemological Institute of America's strict gem-proportion guidelines, with crisp clean facets, always polished girdles, and excellent symmetry. The result is a statement-making affordable imitation diamond ring so you can bask in the brilliance forever. It's the definition of endless love.

Browse our collection to uncover anniversary or engagement rings with three stones that perfectly captures your personal love story. Whether you're searching for an antique-inspired treasure or want something more modern, we're sure that you'll find the piece that sends you head over heels.

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