Solitaire Engagement Rings

Sometimes brilliance is all about simplicity: an exquisite stone, a luxurious setting, and the most expertly crafted band. Here, our solitaire engagement rings capture that sense of effortless elegance beautifully.

Designed to feel both modern and classic, these pieces put a spotlight on the impeccable craftsmanship that you've come to expect from Russian Brilliants. We make sure that each simulated diamond solitaire engagement ring is as unique as the woman who wears it. From delicate and dainty to daring and dramatic, there's a piece that speaks to every style.

Solitaire rings lift a single diamond into the light, so we always sculpt our simulated stones with an expert eye. Each ring starts with the most stunning hand cut cubic zirconia – D-E color and VVS clarity are our benchmarks – and we facet every stone to meet the Gemological Institute of America's standards of excellence. The finished product is brilliant beyond compare: excellent proportions, crisp clean facets, and polished girdles. It's pure luster as far as the eye can see.

Browse our collection to find the piece that slides perfectly onto your finger and into your jewelry collection. Whether you're searching for an engagement ring or simply want a just-because piece, we know that you'll be as enchanted by our solitaires as we are.

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