Why Russian Brilliants® Are The Best Diamond Simulants

There are two major differences between one brand of simulated diamonds and another which we believe sets Russian Brilliants apart from our competitors.  First is the quality of the rough material.  All simulated diamonds, other than Moissanite, currently being sold are made from the synthetic gemstone material zirconium dioxide, commonly  known as cubic zirconia.  We use only the finest quality rough available.  It is all DE color, VVS clarity and guaranteed never to fade or discolor internally.  (The US Federal Trade Commission does not allow the use of the term Flawless when describing simulated stones). 

The second and most significant difference between one brand of simulated diamond and another is the cutting.  Every Russian Brilliants® stone is hand cut to ideal proportions.   We use the same cutting equipment that is used to cut natural sapphire as the hardness is similar.  And we utilize the GIA's (www.gia.edu) gem proportion scope to ensure every stone is cut for maximum brilliance. 

Less expensive stones are often poorly cut from substandard rough and have multiple chips along facet edges as well as frosted girdles.  We will never sell a stone unless the cutting meets our stringent requirements and passes our quality control standards. 

We are also the only online company offering a no risk 7 day preview.  We will be happy to send you one of our stones so you can see the quality for yourself and compare it to any of our online competitors.  We even encourage you to compare our quality to a natural diamond.  We believe you will agree, Russian Brilliants are the best simulated diamonds available today.  Go to www.russianbrilliants.net/preview-risk-free for more information.

Finally we would like to recommend that you read the article on our website entitled How to Avoid Marketing Hype When Purchasing Diamond Simulants by Suzan R. Flamm, Esq., assistant general counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, which provides general educational resources and jeweler-specific advice to the jewelry industry and consumers.

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